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Why remote and group healing work ✨ Dr Joe Dispenza

Why remote and group healing work ✨ Dr Joe Dispenza

"In May of 2021, Dr Joe Dispenza formed the official Coherence Healing™ group called COHERENCE™. This group is made up of Advanced Students who have been dedicated to this practice as taught by Dr Joe during the Week Long Advanced Retreats.

The group was primarily created to scientifically study and measure the cause as well as the effect of Coherence Healing™ with major universities around the world. Dr Joe periodically works with the group to test new hypotheses about the most effective ways for us to produce non-local changes in matter. The work of the Coherence Healing™ group will continue to help evolve the practice and deepen our understanding of how Coherence Healing™ works with specific health conditions.

When not engaged in a research study, the COHERENCE™ group conducts healings for the public. Anyone interested in a Coherence Healing™ must personally apply and must be present during the healing via Zoom, with the exception of people in a medical crisis – such as being in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. There is no fee for Coherence Healing™."

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