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Freeing our projections on money ! How money works !! Claiming our abundance. - Peter Koenig

Freeing our projections on money ! How money works !! Claiming our abundance. - Peter Koenig

Understanding the nature of our projections on money is relevant to us personally because our projections determine how free we are in dealing with money and how free we feel to live the life we want to live.

To quote Yuval Noah Harari ‘Money is not coins and banknotes. Money is anything that people are willing to use in order to represent systematically the value of other things for the purpose of exchanging goods and services…Money was created many times in many places. Its development required no technological breakthroughs – it was a purely mental revolution. It involved the creation of a new inter-subjective reality that exists solely in people’s shared imagination.’

Even if it often appears otherwise in everyday life, money is only one thing: a medium - physical or virtual - on to which we project, as if onto a neutral screen, our fantasies, desires, and insecurities. You may think this is a bold statement, given that you know for a fact you need money to pay your rent or mortgage, for food, or for your holiday. So, what do we mean when we say that money exists in this way and functions through the process of projection?

The object which we call Money has its own intrinsic value as being an object in its own right. Its separate monetary value only comes into existence through human projection. We agree that it qualifies as money: how much of it there is and how much of it you need to acquire something else for it. Money therefore has no intrinsic worth of its own and in a sense does not exist. At best, we are looking at a piece of printed paper or embossed metal, or, as is more often the case these days, we look at zeros on a computer. In another way, money might be viewed as a promise and only works if we collectively trust in and value this promise. It is a cultural construct that functions through projection that we treat as if it were a law of nature.

Peter Koenig MBA, BSc., worked in real estate management and finance till the early 1980s when he started examining the role money plays in shaping personal and business fortunes. Born in England he now lives in Switzerland and travels widely giving consultations, presentations and seminars on the topic.

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