What's YOUR dream job? Why it is important that YOU step in YOUR dream jobs NOW!

 DeBorah Ann Palmer
Jeudi 13 Mai 2010

Notez [Ignorer]
My dream job actually my life's calling is writing. To that end I have established my Blog/Website called, Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit
Espiritu en Fuego -- A Fiery Spirit Expressing Herself

and I have established a presence on Facebook with the same name Espiritu en Fuego. Please check out my blog and friend me on Facebook to see my poems and short stories. I have been writing since I was in my early 20s and now am in my 50s.
Previously I had very successful jobs that paid plenty of money so I did not have to struggle and I did not really take my writing seriously until I lost a good paying job in 2006 and wound up working as a security guard at a museum. As bad as that may sound this is the place where God would have me now because I am surrounded by beautiful art and very creative people. This job though it is not what I want to do is pushing me towards my real career. Ultimately I would love to not just write but teach and perform research. I have a BA in English and I love History. My goal is to combine all my interests.
Thank you and God Bless.

DeBorah Ann
 DeBorah Ann Palmer
Jeudi 13 Mai 2010

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I was born to give glory to God and help my fellow women and men through writing and research. Writing and research are my life/soul callings! Writing, Research & Teaching are my Destiny! I feel happy, fullfilled and satisfied when I'm doing anyone of these things. I love all things cerebral and intellectual. My job at the museum and my Ladies online writers group have opened opportunities and doors for me to expand my writing and research capabilities. Thank you Jesus!! Praise God!!
 Chris Miller
Samedi 3 Juillet 2010

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My dream job is to move people to new heights of consciousness. I have a super power of being able to teach others by figuring out how they learn and adapting my teaching style to they can learn from the knowledge I have. I love moving people to action and getting them excited about their life. I truly believe that improving the lives of those around you is a direct way to improve your own life.

I've been seeing your interviews with co-creators and can't find the email that you sent with the details of it. I would love to interview with you so if you could send me the details that would be fantastic!
 Karen R. Anson Karen R. Anson
Jeudi 4 Octobre 2018

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According to our study we find our job in the same field of the education what we have done. But, for me I am computers graduate but want to become an blog writer as I don`t have a concern degree in English language but still I have very good knowledge on English grammar and want to start my own