Shift and Raise your vibrations by Tree Hugging!!!

Mardi 26 Octobre 2010

Notez [Ignorer]
LILOU I do this every day! On my run I stop and touch trees, hug trees, high five trees. They recognize me! Thank you. I could really feel those trees in the video. I live near an old growth forest in Seattle and have old growth trees throughout the neighborhood as well so there is a LOT of hugging to do. Bless us for having TREES!!
Mercredi 23 Août 2017

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 Porter Scott
Lundi 13 Août 2018

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Indeed, it is very important that we will get one with nature. We are born out of nature - something unexplainable that's why to get survived, we need to be at one with nature.

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 Katrina D. Alvarado Katrina D. Alvarado
Katrina D. Alvarado
Mercredi 12 Septembre 2018

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